Today, Public Private Partnerships are used for a variety of projects including transportation projects, water and wastewater systems, delivery of social infrastructure, building schools, and a wide range of other projects. The fastest-growing arena for the use of PPPs is urban economic development. Hiring an experienced developer or consultant is very important to developing successful projects. 

Dee Brown,  President &  CEO  of  The  P3  Group,  Inc.,  is a highly  sought  after  consultant ,  trainer,  and  developer  who  specialize  in  delivering  high  impact  and  robust  programs focused  on  centered around delivering Public  Private  Partnerships  using  alternative  delivery  methods.  Dee  has  educated municipal  leaders,  college  executives,  state  officials,  and  lawyers  on  how  to  deliver  a  variety  of  projects  under the  design-build finance model using  an  integrate  project  delivery  method.  


Federal,  State,  and  Municipal  agencies  are finding their backs up against the fiscal wall as they struggle to fund services and rebuild infrastructure in a time of stagnant or  declining revenues. Dee  Brown  has  trained  and  consulted  with  a  host  of  agencies  on  how  to  achieve  their  capital  improvement  goals  using  tax  exempt  lease  purchase  agreements   coupled  with  non-appropriation clauses.

To  benefit  from our  training  and  consulting  services  do not  require  prior  work experience in public-private partnerships. In addition to public sector officials, professionals in the field of finance, engineering, construction, law, operations and maintenance, along with senior consultants, and  investors  will benefit the most from this training  and  consulting .  

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